Feasibility Study for a Centralised IT System

The Project

Our client, a large State Government agency, initiated a program of work to conduct a feasibility study on the concept of implementing a Centralised IT system.

Key Achievements

The feasibility study identified the cost, benefits and risks of implementing a Centralised IT system, including recommendations on alternate options to meet the core business requirements.

The feasibility study covered expected costs, benefits and the impacts for each option. Some of the impacts considered included system upgrade and maintenance costs, data quality and ability to meet reporting arrangements.

The key focus of our proposed approach was to undertake a formal options analysis leveraging a proven methodology for IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture based on industry standards. The underlying method that was used for the engagement was a formal approach to technology strategy that forms part of a broader IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture methodology. This approach provided formal traceability to the business strategy, requirements and processes and a clear roadmap in terms of next steps to progress the initiative.

Client Benefit

The study, after presenting a detailed analysis of each option, made a recommendation of the best path for the agency to take. This gave our client the ability to submit a business case with confidence in the recommended solution and to seek the required funding to proceed.

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